Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You're hired!

There was once a girl who needed a job. Oh wait, that would be me. I have been searching for a job for over 6 months now. In other posts I've mentioned that I've been looking at administrative assistant positions because that's what I know to do.

So - here's a story... I sent out my resume to local businesses here in Tyler. One day I had turned the news on and saw a commercial about a furniture consignment shop. I was thinking how fun it would be to work there, but that will never happen.

I went to a staffing agency to hook me up with a, you guessed it, admin assistant job. After that I decided to stop by the consignment shop just to see if it would be a place I would want to work at. I asked if they were hiring and the owner told me that I'd be working on Saturdays. I was a little bummed, but thought it would be a cool side job - get my foot in maybe for something else down the line. Plus I'm at a place in life where I could work 6 days a week.

A few days later I went to my first interview since high school - needless to say I was one nervous wreck. The interview went way better than I thought it would. One thing they didn't like that they told the staffing agency was that I had moved around a lot. Totally understandable, but I was thinking why they didn't just address that with me in the interview.

Throughout the next week I went to several more interviews. I was offered a temp job that was lucrative if it would have extended to full time, but I did not want a temp position. I didn't feel right taking the job, but once I said a final no, I felt absolute peace.

I had another interview for a position that was not something I wanted to do. I mainly went just for the practice plus you never know what could happen. After the interview I called the staffing agency and told them that if I was offered the job I would take it. I mainly did this because it was a full time job and I needed a full time job. That weekend I wrestled with that decision. I called the staffing agency on Monday as soon as they opened and left a message that I did not want that job.

I interviewed that Monday morning with another staffing agency to help find me a job. After leaving that I felt good that this particular person actually got to know me and understood what I was looking for and why. Later that day I got a call from Kate Kombos of Rega of Paris (furniture store) asking if I would like to do an interview. I said sure. Tuesday morning I went to Rega of Paris for an interview for a Saturday job. In the midst of the interview I'm told that I would have Tuesdays off, so I would be working Monday and Wednesday through Saturday. I just stared at Kate and didn't say a word. I had no earthly clue that when she told me I'd be working Saturdays that she was talking about a full time job. She said she would call my references, asked me when I could start, and told me she would call me later that afternoon.

Well, the afternoon came and went and I thought that she wouldn't be calling and had resigned myself to not working there at all. Then the call came....she offered me the job if I wanted it. OF COURSE I DO!!! I have been wanting a job that doesn't require me to sit behind a desk all day and work on a computer. I've been wanting a job that allows me to use my hands. I've been wanting a job where I stand for most of it. I've been wanting a job where I can learn about furniture. I told my friend down here that there was no way I would get a job like that. She threw that back at me after I accepted this position.

I must say, it is weird to have my work week split up like it is, but I have been getting used to it and sort of like it. Kate told me that she doesn't expect me to stay with her for forever, but at least give her a couple of years. Honestly, I see myself giving her more than a couple, but we'll see what other adventures God has in store for me. For now, I don't really have a title, I have to remind myself where I work when answering the phone as I automatically want to say Hanalani Upper School, I don't really have a lunch break - which I actually love, I get to work with furniture every day, and it's like a treasure hunt when new items are brought in, which is every single day.

There are some crazy things in the store, but that's what I love about it. It's constantly changing and it's exciting to see people come in and find something they absolutely love and can't live without. So, if you're ever in Tyler, TX you need to stop in and see me at Rega of Paris across from Walmart on Broadway! I'll welcome you to the store, but don't worry, you'll still recognize me because I'm the one that doesn't have a southern accent.

I'm still awed by the fact that God took delight in me and gave me a job like this. I have bruises in weird places on my legs from work, but I wouldn't trade it for the world right now.

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