Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No news....isn't always good news

I cannot believe that it's already the middle of April. Never in my life did I think that waiting could go so fast. I've had several people ask me what I do during the day and every time I answer them, "I don't really know." I've found myself wandering around the apartment because I don't really know what to do to keep myself busy. I've been doing a lot of reading and even though I absolutely love reading, there comes a point when I can't do it anymore. I've rearranged my stuff a few times...by unpacking and packing again. I've done a lot of cooking. There's really nothing on TV to watch during the day. I don't know what I'm going to do when I can't have at least an hour of quiet time with God every morning. There have been times when I wake up and think - if I sleep longer than nighttime will come sooner and the day will be over sooner and the next day will come sooner...because waiting can be tiring.

I have been looking for a job. In doing that, I've found that looking every day can be a bit overwhelming and discouraging. New jobs don't necessarily pop up once a day. I know I've said I don't want a desk job, but have given that over to God. I am good at what I have done in the past, so that's what I'm sticking with right now. My goal is to apply to at least 2 jobs each week. I have a system set up in how I do it and every time I'm about to start I give it completely over to God. He knows where I'm supposed to go and knows that I hate filling out applications. I mean, seriously, who loves doing that anyways? I'm not good at selling myself. I'd rather the potential employer talk to previous employers about me.

I'm feeling restless and am getting cabin fever. I don't have friends around here and have no transportation. I'm not complaining, it's just what it is. I'm learning that I don't really have clothes for spring time and left all my capris and most of my nice shirts in Uganda....so I think a trip to Goodwill is going to be in my near future...with a couple 25% off coupons in hand. I've lived in the same "pajama" clothes for the last four months that I don't really know how to dress to go "out" anymore...that's even to the grocery store mind you.

A couple of job postings that I applied for are closing this Friday, so I'm hoping that means I'll hear from someone next week sometime. I really don't know what I would have done without my mom during this time. I keep thanking her and apologizing for having to be living off of her. God is supplying my needs and for that I am grateful.


  1. Thinking of you. Ill up my job prayers for you......

  2. Karli, I can really relate to your situation! No car, no home, no belongings other than a suitcase, new life, unable to work for a year and a half while working through permanent residency. After that length of time life really does find a rhythm, and I could gain some perspective to be able to enjoy it for a unique season. How many other childless 20 or 30 somethings are stay at home women!? So I slept in without guilt, took hikes during the day, experimented with cooking (a lot), started to implement "green" cleaning, read (a lot), watched movies, tried out new hobbies, honed my skills of budgeting and saving, and volunteered with a kids program and local museum (within walking distance). It was was of the most challenging seasons of waiting but full of unexpected sliver linings. And now I'm working doing something I never would have guessed ;) but I feel like my time of waiting was not wasted. Praying for patience, peace, and strength as you find your way.