Monday, May 19, 2014

Still here?

So, today I was just talking to God and told Him that I'm a little frustrated (ok, a lot) with the lack of direction I have right now. I'm ok with where I'm at. You know though, I would really like to have that little nudge deep down (that I can only attribute to the Holy Spirit) pointing me to where I should even start looking.

I got really frustrated looking for secretarial work this past week...even more than I usually do. I don't want to be a secretary, oh, I'm sorry, the more politically correct term would be administrative assistant (so much longer to type out though!). Why am I looking for that position you ask? It's what I'm good at and it's all I know. I've thought about going back to school for something, but that costs I found out when I tried my hand at taking a paralegal class - the law is not for me (however, it was my first 4.0 gpa in a semester!).

Ideally I would like to live someplace warm (who me?). I'm really starting to debate just spinning the globe (if I can find a physical one) and wherever I put my finger, that's where I'm moving. Hey - I've lived in the middle of the Pacific before, so it's no big deal if I land there again, right? Ok, maybe not, because I don't really want to deal with across the ocean moving again. 

I would like to work in a small business - something that doesn't involve sitting at a desk all day though. It's kind of difficult finding those small businesses on the internet. Found a vegan cafe that I would love to work at, but they aren't hiring full time or even part time really. They could only give me a few hours....I told them that I might still be available if they ever had a full time position open up. That was back in like January....

On a happier note, I fell in love with Joe tonight....lentil sloppy joe that is. Too bad I had already had supper and made this for tomorrow....tomorrow night can't come soon enough!

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