Friday, March 29, 2013

Uganda or bust part 3

I finally filled out the volunteer application of the orphanage that I had up on my laptop.....but it wasn't until a few weeks later that I did. I really didn't want to rush into this if it wasn't truly God's will for me. I filled out the app and sent it in. I actually got a very quick reply from the orphanage with more information. Reading through the volunteer facts and questions I just got this really uneasy feeling. Honestly I was disappointed because I was for sure this is where God wanted me to go. Now what?!

I left it for a while and was trying to figure out how to find another orphanage. During this time I thought - hey, why not go find an orphanage in a country that I've always wanted to visit. So, the search widened to India, Thailand, and the PI. I've been to the PI before, but have wanted to go back. Thailand would be a great fit since I've been somewhat immersed in the Asian culture for several years and as someone who is gluten free, I can eat plenty rice! I've always been fascinated with why not serve there. 

I Googled "Christian orphanage" and found a website that had a massive listing. I sent out several e-mails and didn't hear back from practically all of them. I had been praying the whole time that only one orphanage would say yes to me. I didn't want to have to choose. I had given up a little on trying to find a place to serve. Wait on the Lord.....such a hard thing to do! 

I finally went online again and searched some more and found a few orphanages to send e-mails and applications to. There were three in particular that I got a little excited about, one in India, one in Thailand, and Amani Baby Cottage. I will say, that through this search I have felt so inadequate in what I could to do to help out at an orphanage. Many were looking for specific needs - medical, teaching, carpentry, etc... Yep, I had none of them. Anyways, I heard back from the orphanage in India and was told that I was accepted. I got rather excited....until I started reading through volunteer information. Something was a little off, a little sketchy with what they wanted their volunteers to do. 

About a week later (4 weeks after I had heard initially from Amani) I got accepted! WOO HOO!!!! It was a Friday and I had decided to check my gmail right before I left for work. I called my mom and told her I had something to tell her, but I would call her when I got home. Unbeknowst to me, she chose that time to read the information I had sent her on the Indian orphanage. After I told her that I got the position at ABC, she then told me that she did not feel right about the Indian orphanage. Wow - God is so good!!!!!

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