Friday, May 10, 2013

The principle of 3's

So, I hear in interior design that the best thing to do is group items in 3's. Well, it seems like God followed that rule when it comes to cars and those that need one! Here's are two God-stories from some friends of mine...

Jake and Heidi are moving off island and needed to sell their car. They put it on craigslist and got a hit. (I don't know the exact details...but you'll get the point from here on out.) They said that they needed the car until a certain time...since they are on island until the end of this month. The guy looking at the car agreed to this timeline...which would leave Jake and Heidi without a car for several weeks. A friend of ours heard about this and talked with Jake about their need of a car. This friend and his wife are in the process of waiting for a lady to give birth to the child they are going to adopt. They would need to be on the mainland for an extended period of time after the child is born before they can bring him back to Hawaii. They offered Jake and Heidi the use of their car since they won't be here. Oh, and I believe this happened the very same day Jake met with the guy who bought their car. A God thing?! I think yes.

Beth lives in Waianae and drives to Mililani every day for work. She had an older Ford Escape that was getting 13 mpg. Needless to say, she was paying a pretty penny for gas...especially living here on Hawaii. While her parents were here, her dad suggested that she put her car on craigslist....which being the obedient daughter, she did :) She didn't think anyone would call her....but she got a call for the car the very next day. She hadn't been seriously looking to buy a car at this time this could potentially leave her without a car. Well, she sold her car...with no idea how she would get around. Her landlord had an extra car that he keeps for his sister-in-law who works on island for several months out of the year. The day that Beth needed the car is the same day that the landlord's sister-in-law left island....and he graciously allowed her to borrow his car - which gets way better gas mileage than her SUV. Beth was hoping to have her dad help her look for a car, but that didn't happen. So, after a couple of weeks borrowing her car, she bought one with the help of her neighbor - who helped talk the guy down a lot! This car can potentially get 40 mpg....a HUGE change from what she had! A God thing?! I think yes.

The last you read I sold my car not knowing what I would do. A family in my church has a nanny who is off island right now. I knew she had a car...but didn't know if they would be using it or not. I swallowed my pride and ask them if I could borrow one of their cars for a while. They said they'd talk it over...this was Wednesday. If I could borrow a car, they would bring it on Sunday. My friends who bought my car used it on Sunday....and I was hoping to tell them they could keep it - and I could get rid of my insurance as soon as possible. Well, I'm officially DEBT FREE and am no longer paying insurance! The family brought the car and I'm able to use it...not sure how long yet. I actually got a lot more money back from my insurance than I thought I would...huge praise! God completely orchestrated that the nanny would be off island for a long period of time at the exact time that I would need a vehicle. Man - my God is awesome! A God thing?! I think yes!

Psalm 34:1 has been a verse I've been clinging to for the past several weeks: "I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth." No matter what the circumstance I should always be praising God! How can I not after what He has done not only in my life, but the lives of my friends! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

I have now raised over $1000 for my trip! I'm continually humbled by the generosity of undeserving of it. Thank you to anyone who has given and who will give in the future. You are not only impacting my life, but the lives of those children in Uganda for good.

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