Friday, July 12, 2013

Comfort zone...what's that?

Uncomfortable...that's how I've been feeling lately, also inadequate. The more I think about going to work in an orphanage with children the more my heart rate gets going. If I don't have to work in nursery at church I don't. I somewhat enjoy children, but my interaction with them is very limited. I have worked more with teens and know how to relate to them. I'm nervous about this....yet I know God wants me to do this, so I will follow.

I'm not a teacher, the thought almost gives me hives. I've been there, done that, have no desire to do it again. I still don't know what I'll be doing at the orphanage. I do know that ever since this idea was given to me by God, that I must do it, so I will follow. 

Obedience to Christ is following after Him....and doing what He says to do. This is no different. He told me to go to an orphanage, I did the research, He led me to the right one. If He led me specifically to this one orphanage out of the MANY I looked at and applied to, then what else can I do but follow. 

Since starting to write this post I have received an e-mail from Amani Baby Cottage. I still don't know specifics of what I'll be doing, but the orphanage has a great relationship with local ministries and possibly and at least once a week I will go volunteer my time and talents at these places. Wow - talk about exciting!!! I'm thrilled that God would find me even minimally qualified to do this for Him and His glory. 

I feel like in this time of my life I am really stepping out of my comfort zone. It's happened before, God has completely taken care of me along the way. So, why would this be any different. It's often during these times when we are at our most comfortable that there's a nudge to get out. These are the times that I'm growing more in God than if I were comfortable....kind of like right now. I know I'm growing in my relationship with Jesus, but I don't feel like I'm being pushed to Him. That time is coming and as nerve racking as it is, I can't wait for it. 

Come along with me as I journey far away from my comfort zone!

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