Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm sorry, how many did you say?!

I had my appointment today with the travel doctor provided through my insurance. Way back in the day when I went to Kenya my mom had to scrounge up shot records for me. Those were then put on a Wisconsin state immunization piece of paper. I took that in with me today to show the doc what I had. He started making notes of what I had and what I didn't have. He then pulled out a "booklet" of different shots and what they were for. When we were done going through that, he had pretty much highlighted the whole thing. At least I didn't need all the shots on there, you know, like the 2 or 3 he didn't highlight!

In total, I need to get at least 8 shots. Today I got 3. The nurse did 2 in my left arm and 1 in my right arm. The right arm was Hep B (which I probably got as a child, but since there was no record he wanted to be safe, rather than have me sorry) which felt like it took a while to get in. The left arm got a TDap and Yellow Fever.

Now, I'm not necessarily one to HATE needles, but I just don't enjoy shots...come on, who really does? As I was getting the Hep B, I thought, ugh, I have to get 2 more of these?! Plus one exactly 52 weeks after the 3rd does....yick! Not really looking forward to that particular feeling again. However, the Yellow Fever vacc got put in the softer flesh on the backside of my left arm. The nurse said it would hurt, but I thought it wasn't too bad....until 3 seconds in. I literally wanted to cry like a little girl it hurt soooo much! It. was. awful. When I was done with that one, the nurse said it was good for 10 years and that I needed to travel as much as I could to take advantage of the pain I just went through. You know what, I think she's right!

After getting my 3 shots, they ushered me down to the lab where I got poked again...thankfully this wasn't as painful. They are going to check to see if I've had chicken pox....because we can't remember if I did or not. If the test comes back negative, well, then I get some more shots....so totaling 9 or 10, depending on if they make me get 2 of that or just 1.

Another one he recommended was a rabies shot. This shot will cost between $500 or $600!!!!!! WHAT?! I told him I'd think about that. I e-mailed the baby cottage asking if this is something the volunteers normally get and will wait on their reply. I hope they say no because that's a lot of money for 1 shot.

The next thing I need to decide on is what malaria medicine to take. There is 1 that is taken weekly and 2 others that are taken daily. I have an ongoing disease, so the cheaper of the taken daily pills is probably not going to be a good mix for me he said. That leaves the weekly or the other daily. Oh, and this other daily will cost somewhere between $60-$90 for 1 pill. Yes, I will be there around 90 days and I will need to take some before I go and after I get back, so that would be a grand total of around $6000. Yikes! So, with all that said, this was an easy pick for me....the weekly one.

I'll be taking a typhoid vaccine orally - yay for one less shot!!! My head is kind of spinning with all of this. I go back in one week to get at least 3 more shots. Thankfully I got into the dr when I did because with the way they have the series of Hep B shots set up, I will take the 3rd shot 2 days before I leave island....and that's covered by insurance! My poor arms......

I know how he feels!

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