Sunday, July 14, 2013

Operation Boe-Go

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This morning at church, the youth group was called up to the front. About a month ago they stood up in front of the church and quoted all of James 1 together. As the youth leader was talking, it sounded as if they were then going to quote James 2 and I was thinking how awesome was that in how fast they memorized that chapter together! He quoted James 1:26-27 and then said that earlier in verse 22 we are to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. They wanted to apply Scripture to their lives and do what God said to do. He went on in stating that they weren't able to visit orphans, but knew of someone who was.

These 3 boys and one married couple raised $245 for me through Operation Boe-Go. They collected cans and bottles and apparently sold leis for graduations back in May. I was and still am very humbled by their sacrifice on my part. Each of the boys then made a card and gave it to me....I don't know whose idea it was for all of this, but I can guarantee you that the babies at Amani Baby Cottage will be blessed because of what they did for God's glory. They truly went out and were doers! I would say Operation Boe-Go was a success!!!!

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