Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 12 Recap

Last week already...where has the time gone. This week was filled with many lasts. Last time working with these mamas, last time snuggling with my precious little ones. Last times walking into town while it's still warm outside (for me that is).
Who couldn't love this face?!
A few major things happened this week. We said goodbye to 2 little girls. One girl was reunited with her jaja (gramma) and another was officially adopted. One girl's adoptive parents arrived in country and are just waiting for her court date to happen (which was pushed back, of course) to be able to take her to home.
Frida with her jaja
The oldest 5 baby girls all turn one within a months time so we had a very small birthday party for them that included dress up and cupcakes. While that was going on, there were a few other babies free to roam around who thought it would be a great idea to eat the cake off the ground that their sisters were dropping.
The birthday girls all dolled up!
Rosie was having a hard time grabbing the crumbs, so she decided to just dive bomb the crumbs!
One major accomplishment that I have been praying for is that I'd be able to see Mercy take her first steps. I was borrowing someone's camera because I left mine in my room and started taking pictures when out of the blue Mercy stood up and decided now would be a great time to take a few steps. I had the camera aimed on her...I couldn't believe it! (I have also come to the realization that if I ever have kids I'm going to be one of those moms constantly taking pictures of them to be able to remember everything!) I had been praying for this for a month, but this last week I was very fervent in my prayer for this. I yelled and the Mama in the nursery with me yelled and we couldn't stop was awesome! You that have kids understand.
Happy Birthday to my precious baby girl!
When the babies get moved up into the big kid's cottages they are able to go on an outing. Since two of my babies moved up while I was there, they were now eligible to go with the aunties on their own. For my last outing I decided I wanted to take Sarah and Ann out. We took them on their very first boda boda ride (in case you forgot what a boda boda is, it's a motorcycle with a long seat on it for many passengers) that was a success. I had Sarah and there were a few times I thought we were going to fall off due to her constantly looking everywhere at once.
One good looking girl with her smart clothes and sparkly hot pink Toms
I had to say goodbye to the babies this week. The last night I was with them for bed time was not easy at all. I started to put the babies down after supper, but had to stop because I couldn't keep the tears back. Didn't really want to be sobbing by the time I put the last baby to bed. So instead I went back into the nursery, grabbed Mercy, and just cuddled with her until she was the last one. The next day I had to officially say goodbye to her. It went better than I thought it would. However, looking back at pictures my heart is being ripped apart again. Time will heal all just takes a long time sometimes.
Mama Betty 1 and Mama Betty 2 - amazing ladies!
Because I love this picture of Rosie....yes, her head is shaved...
Thank you so much for your support through my volunteering time. During this last week I received several encouraging notes from people back in the states and know that God used them to help get me through the last few days.
I was asked if I was ready to take her home....the answer is a resounding YES!

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