Monday, December 2, 2013

Baby it's cold outside....AND inside

I am currently covered from head to toe minus my fingers and part of my face. It's COLD! I'm told that in a few days it's about to get colder. Oy vey!!!!

I slept for 15 hours last night.

I couldn't figure out why my nose was stuffed up this morning or why my throat felt a little thick. Oh yeah, I'm not use to the cold here!

I forgot what fast internet was like. I don't have to wait a good 10 minutes or more for a YouTube video to upload.

The toilet seat is cold.

Thought I left mosquitoes in Uganda....but just got bit!

Static electricity - what is this?

Must. Find. Slippers. (after a somewhat thorough search, I don't think I shipped them back from HI)

Can't stop yawning.

Couldn't believe the number of people who were wearing warm clothes at Heathrow...oh yeah, it's cold outside in other places of the world.

What is this thing that fits in the palm of your hand that keeps ringing...I have a cell phone again.

Coconut oil doesn't stay in oil consistency in cold weather.

My arms feel empty.

After only being up for 7 hours I want to go back to bed for the night.

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