Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One thing at a time

After grad school, I had no clue what to do. I searched for a job for about 5 months and absolutely nothing came up. I went to work at a camp that summer and figured by the end of the summer God would have a job all lined up for me. I kept searching, and searching, and searching. Nothing, nada, zilch. Towards the end of the summer we found out that dad had a brain tumor and needed to have surgery. By God's grace I was finished with camp at that time and was able to be home. Well, dad needed someone with him 24 hours for at least a week, it may have been two. Guess who had the time....yep, God's hand was on that situation.

Not knowing what to do or where to look (feeling like I had exhausted a lot of my resources) God graciously allowed me to work with my dad so I could live at home for a year. Not exactly what I had in mind, but again, God's hand was on the situation as dad passed into glory during that year.

After dad died, it took me a while, but I started looking for another job. Where I was at wasn't ideal, but I know it was necessary. God had his hand on my job situation and I ended up in Hawaii. Now that I'm leaving and know where I'm going to next, people keep asking me, "So, I know Uganda, but what's happening after that?" I have no earthly clue. I'm a planner, so not knowing where I'll be 9 months from now could frighten me. I have no set plan. I have an idea, but why put my hopes and plans into that when it could be completely different.

I do know I am going to Uganda. Why do I need to know what's gonna happen after? Maybe I'll stay in Uganda longer, maybe God will take me home to glory....the possibilities are endless! I am truly blessed to be single right now. You don't hear many singles say that, but I couldn't ask for anything else. Why would I want to marry and miss this amazing opportunity to serve my God and Savior for 3 months to those most in need?! So to those asking what's after? Who cares right now. I'm putting myself completely in the hands of God and, from past experience, will know what's after when He deems it the time to let me know!

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