Friday, April 19, 2013

My God will supply....

God is awesome. I'm completely blown away by how He orchestrates every minute detail in my life. I got the official ok for my last day at work to be July 31. I am flying to Phoenix to visit friends...and the only time Hawaiian Air flies out to PHX is at 3:10 p.m. Well, I guess I won't be leaving after work on the 31st. This leaves me in a quandary. I need to find shelter for that night since I will be completely moved out of my's where it gets good.

I've been trying to figure out when I want to leave the apartment so that I can clean it without my stuff still being in the apartment. I've asked a few people if I could crash at their place for one night the last week of July. I asked some friends if I could borrow their third vehicle that last week since I was going to sell my car around that time.

During this time I had a conversation with another friend of mine. Was trying to figure out the last time I would see her. We talked about dates and figured out how I could see her. Later in the day we are both helping out at an elementary b-ball game. I looked at her and exclaimed "Hey, would it be possible to borrow your car for the last week of July?" Then another thought hit me....could I borrow her car all summer long because she won't be here! Not that I'm excited for her not to be here, but could the timing be anymore God? She told me I could even start borrowing it when she leaves at the beginning of the summer - it would put her mind at ease if she knew the car was being used. Wow! I want to sell my car as soon as I can so I can get out of my car payments....I could sell my car in about a month. How amazing!

Then I asked her if I could stay at her place the last week of July....both her and her roommate will be off island during that time. I wouldn't be putting anybody else out by having to stay at their place. I could have everything in one place and not be in the way. She said yes! God has everything aligned just perfectly. He knew that I hate asking people if I could invade their space and provided a place with no one home!

My God will supply all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus! (Philippians 4:19)


  1. God does provide, often in ways we didn't before consider and can be better than our own plans. We can attest to this through our experiences over the last year. We moved out of our apartment May 2012 and have not had our own place ever since. We have just come off a 5 month housesitting gig this winter we really needed. We wait on our future direction and will be praying that God continues to surprise and wow you with provisions you need.

  2. Hey Karli! Email me...kimbermcc1981(at) and i will give you my real email (this is my junk email)...i am not on fb right now but want to be able to stay in contact with you! :)

    1. Hey KJ - I tried that e-mail and it didn't go through...said it failed permanently.