Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Foolish Cry of My Heart

I can't believe that I have had my passport for over 10 years! Man, I can't wait to change the picture! I got a new picture this past Saturday...it wasn't the greatest picture I've ever taken. When the lady took it she brought the camera over to me and asked me if it was ok...HA! I thought about saying..."Well, anything is better than what I have now." I have had the paperwork filled out for quite a while now, was just waiting for some money to be able to mail it and pay for the renewal. I finally put it in the mail today.

I've only raised $200 so far. My mom was gracious enough to loan me money for my plane ticket....I want to pay her back for it. She sacrifices so much for me already! I know God wants me to go...now it's the hard part of waiting on Him and His perfect timing in raising money. Some friends of mine are adopting and I keep hearing how the Lord has provided this amount and that amount for them. While I'm absolutely thrilled for them, I'm fighting the battle of not being discouraged.

You see, I'm a planner...always have been and always will be. Just ask my mom! I have a plan of how I'm going to get the money...and even though I'm not leaving until September, I feel as if I need the money now. We live in a society where you can get everything now and have it your way. How foolish of me to want that! I'm reading and meditating on Isaiah 45:1-13 this week. The Lord promised to go before Cyrus in his rule and make a way for him to conquer the land....150 years before Cyrus was king! If God can do that, why am I starting to doubt and let discouragement creep in. His ways aren't my ways and I'm so thankful for that.

In this circumstance of my life, He wants to get all the glory - I don't need any of it. I'm nothing, I have nothing to offer...except myself. That's exactly where God wants me right now. To offer myself completely over to Him....that includes my plans!

I'm going to Uganda...I have faith in that....I just need to wait patiently for the Lord to show Himself powerful and give Him all the glory for how He will work in me!

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