Thursday, June 27, 2013


I definitely know that God wants me going to Uganda. I love it when He gives me little confirmations along the way. I had two God-things happen this past week.

I have been forgetting for a couple weeks now to contact Kaiser's travel clinic. (For those that don't know, Kaiser is my insurance and they have their own network of clinics and hospitals.) I finally called last week, but was told that the clinic only has one secretary, so I would get a call back within 2 days' time. Ok, no biggie, it's still June.

I got a call the next day and told the lady what I needed. She then told me that the ONLY travel clinic dr would be on vacation for the month of July, but she would check to see if there were any openings left. She had that sound in her voice that made me think it wasn't going to happen. I immediately prayed the same one liner about 5 x's before she spoke again....and they had one more opening on July 2 before the dr left. Hallelujah!!! This was totally a God-thing!

Please pray with me that any shots or medication I need are covered by insurance. If not, thank you for those that have donated to me as that money will go towards this!

That was the first the second one. As of last week Thursday, I hadn't gotten my ticket to leave island. When I first got to island I got a Hawaiian Airlines visa card to help rack up miles. You know, for a rainy day when I would actually have the money to pay for hotel and car rental on another island. Yeah - never did use my miles to go anywhere. I've been planning on going to Phoenix to see some friends of mine and Hawaiian has a direct flight from here to there. 

It takes 30,000 Hawaiian miles to get there. I've been watching the sight to see if I could find a day around the day I wanted to go that would be cheaper. Well, the Sunday after I had planned on leaving ended up being only 17,500. I had 20,350 at the time. I really wanted to see my friends, but also didn't want to have to spend over $250 for my ticket (to buy the extra miles). I would have gotten in at midnight on Sunday and then flown out at 7 am on Monday. Not ideal at all, but it would save me money.

I thought this through and then asked someone if I could get some advice. I laid it all out for them and then thought they would take their time in giving me an answer...nope. They got up and said, "Problem solved. I'll give you 10,000 miles!" I was honestly speechless. After I composed myself I immediately said that I couldn't accept the miles and what would they do then without those miles. Of course, something I have said before came back to haunt me. They said that those miles were the Lord's, not theirs to give. Wow - completely humbled by it! I not only got a FREE TICKET to the mainland, but I also get to spend time with my friends. Yes - this was totally a God-thing!

I will be saying this to Hawaii soon!

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