Friday, September 6, 2013

2nd leg

So, the second leg of my trip was just a whole lot of sitting. Unfortunately, every time I got up, I was reminded that I had major blisters on my feet. Right before I got on the plane I stopped at one of the shops in the airport and got some blister covers. Those were probably the best buy I've made so far on my trip!

I got a little more sleep on this plane ride compared to Chi-town to London. Again, they served a supper that was super late...since the plane took off at 9 pm and they probably didn't get the food service going until around 10 pm. I decided to watch a movie while waiting for the supper and while eating....watched GI Joe Retaliation - not the best movie to put yourself to sleep with.

Got in right on time to Entebbe International Airport. The question now was, how was I, as one person, going to get 4 pieces of luggage out the door with one of those not too big carts. So, I got the boxes on first and then one suitcase and pulled the other one behind me. Surprisingly it was simple to push and pull. Thankfully I didn't have to go too far where my ride was waiting for me.

The ride to Amani....I didn't really understand where the airport was in relation to Jinja. On a map it looks like you just go a little northeast and it shouldn't be that far. Silly have to go north to Kampala and then east to Jinja. This car ride was a good 3 hours. I was so out of it, I hardly spoke. Finally ended up dozing a little bit after we got out of Kampala. Got to Amani a little before noon. They asked if I wanted to stay and eat lunch...yeah no thanks - I just wanted to sleep!

The volunteer apartments are under construction, so we are staying at a house not too far down the road. I got in, was told I could take a shower, laughed and went straight to bed. Took a fabulous nap and then finally took a shower! Oh happy day!!!!! Yeah, that was an amazing feeling!!!

And so it begins.....

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