Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Long live the Queen

…who actually wasn’t in London when I was. My friend told me that the queen had gone up to Scotland for a few weeks at the end of the summer. Oh well, not like I would have gotten a picture of her anyways.

Now the flight to London wasn’t all that bad…except for the sick woman who was coughing without covering her mouth. Really?! You have an infant and you aren’t even covering your mouth to not get your infant sick? UGH….just praying that whatever she had I don’t get and pass along to the little ones. Didn’t sleep much – which I figured would happen. Watched the movie Epic and really liked it.

They had a vegan/vegetarian option for food – had eggplant lasagna for supper (which was really late) and had some b-fast I couldn’t eat since it was laced with sugar. It was overall a fair flight. Got off feeling my eyes were glued shut. Oh, by the way, Heathrow is huge….and British Air has their very own terminal which is larger than O’Hare’s international terminal.

Once I had a friend come visit me while I was still on Oahu and the first day we packed it in…everyone couldn’t believe we had done as much as we did. That was nothing compared to my 6 hours out and about in London Town! I have 5 blisters on my feet to prove it.

Here is what we did:

Piccadilly Circus
Walked through Leicester Square (cinemas)
Trafalgar Square
St Paul's Cathedral
Millennium Bridge
Tower of London
Tower Bridge
London Eye
Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
St James Park
Buckingham palace
Green Park
Saw Anna Chancellor – Google her – at a hole in the wall, Mildred’s

This is an old double decker bus we got to take.

London bridges...falling down...

Have you done anything bad that deserves a trip to London Tower?

Parliament building and Big Ben
An English cottage in the middle of the park.
Buckingham Palace and some lovely orange cones out front.

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