Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting to Know You: Rosie

Rosie, what can I say? You have grown so much since I got here. When we first met, you had the awesomest mohawk that was totally not cut that way! We shaved your head to help the rest of your hair grow along with this mohawk.....but it didn't work. You just got your head shaved again a few days ago. Maybe this time the rest of your hair will understand it needs to grow too!

Your faces crack me up. Many people have said you look weird - but I don't! I think you are one of the cutest babies I've ever seen...and your many faces prove it. You could entertain anyone for the entire day with your many antics, faces, coos, laughs, sheer determination in standing, and the list could go on.

I have loved watching you develop. When I first came into the nursery you were only rolling around - hence the nickname Rollie Rosie that I gave you. And, because you're just fab, you decided to skip learning to sit up and go straight to getting onto your knees which quickly morphed to standing. I finally saw you sitting up by yourself this week!

Rosie, Auntie loves you! You are a very close 2nd in my faves list. You are someone who gets things done. I can see you doing great things for Jesus - praying that you accept Him as your personal Savior and that you have a very close relationship with Him alone!

I know you have a family who loves you very much and cannot wait to bring you back home. So - on that note, hurry up and get on total solid foods because there is much love from home just waiting to be showered on you!

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