Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1 Person with 4 Pieces of Luggage

There's so much still to do before MONDAY!!!! I can't believe that I leave Monday. It was just February that I bought my ticket....where has the time gone?! I'm taking quite a lot of stuff for the orphanage. A couple is shipping a bag of sound equipment, I'm taking a box of file folders (who knew that 600 file folders could weigh so much!), a suitcase of items from Ikea (excited to go shopping for it all) as well as other items that they need, and then one suitcase for myself. The total cost of 3 pieces of extra baggage? At the airport it would be $340, but online it's only $285.60. WHAT?! I found out too late that there is a process for wanting to take extra baggage for missions work....and you only get to take one extra at that. Thankfully I am allowed one free piece of luggage. On the way back to Chicago, I will definitely only be checking one piece in!
God is providing though. Will need to be very conservative with my living expenses as I don't have that much for each month. Again, God will provide exactly what I need. My biggest concern is food as I've gone to a plant-based diet....and before you ask, yes, it is different from a vegetarian and vegan diet. Although I can do vegan, so that's a plus. That's for another time though.

Please pray as I wrap things up here and continue to pack. Each piece of luggage can only be 51 lbs...23kg. What happened to the days of 70 lbs? Does anyone remember that or did I just dream that up? Happy packing!

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