Saturday, August 3, 2013

In Other News

Uganda – I soon get to say Aloha to you!!! It has sort of hit me that I’m going. I think it will hit even more since I’ve left the island. People ask me if I’m ready – yes and no.

I am finally up to date with all my shots. My last Hep B shot was a doozy compared to the other 2 before it! The nurse kept asking me if I was ok – probably because I had a look for confusion and pain on my face while I was sitting there. Yep – just another day at the travel clinic really.

It was recommended that I get a flu shot before I go due to being in a confined space (2 plane rides) for such a long period of time going to the orphanage. I don’t know that I want another shot. I’m still praying about whether or not to get one…or if it’s even possible to find the shot in August when it’s not flu season.

I need to figure out what bank to go with. I don’t want to be charged an arm and a leg whenever I use my card at an ATM in Uganda, but don’t know if I’ll be able to find one that doesn’t charge exorbitant prices. I asked my mom to do some research, but don’t know if she’s had time. I want to be able to find one in the first week I’m at my mom’s so I can get my money in there.

Another thing is traveler’s insurance. I started looking online one evening and got a little bit overwhelmed. There are several to choose from and I’m not the most proficient in understanding insurance lingo, so will definitely be getting help on this one. Not sure how it all works either.

I’ve been asked by the orphanage to bring over pepperoni. If you would like to help donate pepperoni, please let me know! I think it’s the director’s husband that owns a café and “hotel” and they sell a lot of pepperoni pizza. It costs quite a lot to have it shipped in. I want to be able to take a duffel bag for donations. I need to call British Airways to see if they have some kind of deal with those going on mission’s trips to third world countries.

If you want to donate something, you can go to Amani Baby Cottage here and look at what they are in need of. Volunteers are a huge part in keeping this place going. You can’t find everything you need all the time like you can in the states. Would you consider donating to their cause?

The Lord has provided over $5,000 so far!

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