Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prayer changes things

I can’t believe that I’ll be in Uganda in exactly 2 weeks from today! Where did the time go? I would love to get on a plane now and go, but I’m not exactly ready for that. Was able to get a few pieces of luggage that I will be leaving at the baby cottage so I don’t have to pay to bring it back. Goodwill was so kind to let me buy each for less than $5. They aren’t exactly the size I wanted, but I’m very thankful that they were available. Just can’t believe how much I have to pay to take them…they will both definitely be below the 50 lb limit. British Airways lets you take one free piece and I found out too late that I could have taken a 2nd piece for free since it’s a mission’s trip.

People have asked how they can pray for me lately:

Clarity while packing
Safety while flying
Servant’s heart while volunteering
Babies to be either reunited with their families or adopted by the time they reach the age of 5
Health while there – don’t want to deal with being sick while volunteering
Wisdom with what I can eat and that the Lord will give me ideas for recipes
Guidance for what the Lord wants me to do come December (hoping for some place warm)

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