Sunday, November 10, 2013

Getting to Know You: April

April, you are the darkest baby that we have in the nursery! You have only been with us about 5 weeks. You are a great snuggler!!! You tend to fall asleep if you are on your tummy for very long.
Just lying around on the job again...

You do however, know how to crawl, you just don't necessarily want to do it.

1st day with us.
I love that you are slowly starting to interact with everyone around you. Your can brighten anyone's day...including mine!
Water day with the babies!

Auntie loves you very much. I pray for your salvation at an early age. Use the talents that God has given you for His glory alone little deary! Continue to bring joy to all those that you touch.

Learning to eat cereal...can be a tricky business!

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