Saturday, November 2, 2013

Week 8 Recap

This week has been kind of lousy in regards to my health. I've had a cold that turned into a sinus infection. Praise the Lord the nurse here had amoxicillin and I don't have to see a dr to get some! I'm currently on a very low dosage since this hasn't been turned into a full blown war within my sinuses. I hardly took any pictures this week too which is very unusual.

So, since not much happened, besides my babies maturing each day before my eyes, I'm going to try to upload a ton of pictures for your enjoyment (or whatever you call it)...
Sunset off the balcony

Mama Josephine tackling our laundry with a fury! God bless her immensely for all her hard work!!!
Elijah was proud of his freshly brushed teeth
Because your life would not be complete without seeing this beautiful face! (I want to take her with me!!!)
Rainbow - God's promise to me that He's always there!
The kids tend to always have to be touching you when they are outside the orphanage grounds.
Buying from can go to the Tukula website and let me know if there's an item you would like for me to get...much cheaper here than online!
Mama Cook hard at work for our lunch
Local weaving shop - absolutely gorgeous items they make. Got a few oven mitts for my collection.
Pro golfers in the making.....or not.
Many of the kids had never been on a slide this "big"

I only have one month left. Here's to loving on my babies as much as I possibly can every single day!

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