Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 11 Recap

This week has been a little hard for me...I had to say goodbye to a very special lady in my life. She came about a month into my volunteering and has been such a refreshment to my soul! That goodbye (with unexpected tears on her part about leaving me and me in return tearing up) has left me emotional! I still have a week to go and I start tearing up just thinking about it. Best medicine for that? SNUGGLES!!!!!!

I know I keep saying this, but the weeks just keep flying by and they are becoming a blur to me right now. I've gone 11 1/2 weeks and only have one left. Where did it all go? Since I've been emotional every day I've gotten tired way easier now. 9 pm hits and I'm ready to hit the might also be the fact that my body wakes up on its own at 5:50 am every morning. The kids wake up at 6 am and I hear them, so I just drag myself out of bed and get going for the day. So, here's my week in pictures.....

Every Sunday I've been at Acacia Community Church, this neighborhood girl has found me and stayed by me during the singing time. I do not know her name, but do love the fact that she feels comfortable enough with me to sit in my lap or hold on to my hand until she goes to children's church.

The kiddos get mosquito nets put over their cribs every night.

Cathy and I the day before she left - with some of the Mamas who work here.

The girls have braids...but when they get taken out their hair looks like this until Mama Rukia gets to them to braid it again.

Zion, the newest member of Amani! She's now one month tiny and adorable!

This is normal for my lap to be used as a pillow...or a place to beat your sibling.

That's one mobile mama!

Yep, typical Cathy - totally clueless!

So I went on an adventure with two ladies to visit Dickson, who is an artist living in a nearby village. He teaches orphans how to paint and has rooms for 5 of them at his house. He also has more kids who come on the weekends for art classes. They learn how to paint and make things out of banana fiber. His art pays for the kids school fees, food, and to house them. We met Dickson while going on a jigger removal with Sole Hope the week before and Cathy saw a painting that he had done and she wanted one too. I went with her to pick hers up not really expecting to find anything, but just HAD to have this one!

My pride and joy! Now, if only she will take her first step before I leave in one week......

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