Saturday, November 2, 2013

Getting to Know You: John

Johnnie boy, you are such a precious child. You have the face of a little man and I absolutely love that about you! Unfortunately you have eczema. The other night I was feeding you your bottle and you kept squirming and scratching at your head which eventually led it to bleed a little. I was almost in tears because my heart breaks for your obvious discomfort and pain.
My wannabe mzungu baby - getting all lotioned up to help with eczema

I have found that you absolutely love Eskimo kisses. If I see you crying or scratching I pick you up and give you kisses and you get the cutest smile on your face. I want to take you home with me!

What a cutie!
You haven't gained weight or grown in a few weeks, so we took you to see the dr. He said that you are "failure to thrive" or also known as malnourished. You get to have sugar in your formula...who wouldn't want that?! You are just learning to eat cereal. You don't quite have the hang of it yet as it ends up more all over your head than in your belly. Hopefully soon you'll be able to get the concept down and start gaining that much needed weight!
Am surprised it's not smeared everywhere!

Despite your physical problems, you are a content little man. I've eaves dropped on your talking to yourself more than once and love it. You still don't have any teeth and are currently smaller than your younger brother (who is the youngest of the bunch). You giggle every once in a blue moon and it makes my day so bright!
I just want to eat you up - you are so adorable!!!!!
Auntie prays for your salvation Johnnie boy! I don't know what the Lord has in store for you - if you will have physical suffering your entire life - but I pray that you will use that for His glory. God is allowing this to happen to you for a reason - seek that out and use it to point others to Christ! I love you...P.S. you are one of my favorites...there, I said it out loud :)

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