Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting to Know You: David

David - you have matured so much in the short time I've been here. You were the baby when I came (sorry, Zion just came and has you beat by being only 3 weeks old!), but you are actually bigger than your older brother John.

You have become content to be on your back and stomach, which is a great thing since you used to not want to be on your stomach at all. Your hair was super curly when I first came, but not so much anymore that I have noticed. Your hair isn't typical Ugandan though...thinking you might have some Indian in your blood....well, hair that is.

You have found your vocal chords, so every once in a while I hear you talking to yourself. I haven't really heard you laugh yet. Maybe in the next week and a half I will get the privilege. You have finally figured out how to eat off of a spoon! It was a struggle there for a while to get you to keep your fingers out of your mouth while you were being fed. Not sure if you thought maybe you needed to push the food to the back of your throat or not.

I have loved seeing you grow! I didn't realize how big you had gotten until I saw you in your bed...yep, you definitely outgrew it!!!! Way to go little guy!

Auntie loves you David! I pray that you grow up knowing the Lord as your personal Savior and that you won't be shy about sharing His love with those that are around you!

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