Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting to Know You: Jane

Jane, you are just a little pudgemeister! You've been nicknamed "Fatty" because you have been growing out instead of up lately. However, those cheeks are just so irresistible....they must be pinched!

You have finally figured out how to crawl...what's great is going from sitting to crawling. You haven't gotten the part about crawling on your knees yet, so your clothes can get a wee bit dirty if you're crawling around on the porch area.

You despise being thrown in the air. The other night one of the mamas decided to make you bawl like a little baby (oh wait you are one...) before you were put to bed. We all got a good laugh at your expense!

Janie Poo (as I so affectionately call you), auntie loves you very much. I pray for your salvation. As you continue to jibber jabber (and growl) to yourself and learn real words, use that desire to spread the gospel to all those that you meet.

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