Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting to Know You: Alex

Alex man - you were the first baby I saw here at Amani...and you were waking up from your morning nap! You had me at your smile...and your dance moves. You love to move your body - whether back and forth while sitting or doing spread eagles in the jumper...you constantly move around.
He's waving!!!
You are the one boy that unfortunately seems to get overlooked when people come in to the nursery. You are one of the best cuddlers in there! You don't make much noise unless you are hungry or tired...then you cry...just like any other normal baby.
An eating Alex is a happy Alex!
You love it when I shower you with kisses! You get the hugest smile on your face which makes me want to shower you with more kisses. Your smile melts my heart...every. single. time!

Splits maybe?!

I pray for your salvation. You are a shaker and a mover...so I'm praying that the Lord puts a zeal in your heart to be spread the gospel to everyone you meet. I want Him to be Lord of your life - every aspect of it! Keep your chill spirit little man. Love on all you meet! Auntie loves you and will miss being able to have you in my arms!
Chubby cheeks man!

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