Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting to Know You: Jay

Jaybird – you have the cutest dimples ever! I love the fact that I can tickle you and immediately get a smile…even in the midst of crying!

Hold me!
You have cerebral palsy and it affects your left side. Honestly, I didn’t know you had it until I went to physical therapy with you at least a month into my stay here. We started with you learning to crawl, but you quickly learned to crawl, so now I get to work with you crawling on your hands and knees instead of an army crawl that you seem to have down pat!

I'm sitting on my own!
You have also started to sit up on your own. It isn’t for too long, but it’s a start. When we put you in the bouncy thingy you go absolutely nuts! You can’t seem to sit still, maybe that’s why you aren’t really sitting up much since you would rather be on the move.

Yeah, I am more than thrilled to be bouncing.
Auntie loves you Jaybird! I pray you find salvation at an early age so you can use the rest of your life to serve Jesus and show others the way to Him! You are a determined little man and I hope that you take that determination and apply it to your walk with God. 
You talking to me?!

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