Sunday, October 6, 2013

Getting to Know You: Joan

Joan - you were the first baby that I held in my arms. Unfortunately it was because you were sick, but you got better, so that was perfectly ok with me. Through that I learned that you love to pat people...and even your toys.

Sick girl getting fed

You talk constantly to yourself and after lunch, while in the highchair, you flap your wings trying I guess?! Just recently you've discovered your lungs....and how to scream instead of crying. That's definitely not something that you need to develop, unless you are planning on using that scream in theater or something.

Chatting it up with just herself
You have started scooting...backwards. We will need to work on using your legs to move your body instead of your arms. You are content to sit in one place or lay in one place while your siblings are crawling all around you. You love to take it all in.

What a cutie!!!!!!
You remind me of my mom when you're both very slow! You seriously take your time and even though I know you are hungry, you are yet again content to just watch those around you. I try to get a spoonful into your mouth, but you barely open. That's funny since you definitely know how to open your mouth when you are screaming.

I love you Joan! You are one of the best cuddlers in the nursery and I thank you for that! I pray for your salvation at an early age so you can grow up sharing the love of God to all those around you with the set of lungs that you are developing rather quickly! 

Supergirl Joan

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