Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting to Know You: Ann

Oh Ann, you are everyone's favorite outside of the nursery. If someone comes in they immediately go to you, pick you up, hold you for a little bit, then set you right back down. If you said that you probably don't like that, you'd be right. You cry every. single. time. you are placed back on the ground. Oftentimes the person has a hard time getting you to sit down since you have been learning to stand/walk.
Mouth hanging open, huge eyes
Your cry has become one of the most annoying sounds I have ever heard. It's actually the whining part of your cry that grates my nerves. I can do a perfect impersonation of it I'm proud to say.
Mouth hanging open, huge eyes
Someone commented how you are very high maintenance, which I would have to agree with. You'll do things in your time - eating included. If you don't want to eat a particular bite someone is giving you you cry, if you think you should have had a bite like 5 seconds ago you'll cry.

Just chilling...she's the first one who has figured out how to climb out of the highchair.
Through my time here I am finally seeing a personality in you. You used to just sit around with your mouth hanging open...which it still does...and stare with those big eyes of yours taking everything in. I've seen you smile and giggle and heard you talk! I would love to be able to see you blossom more this next month I have with you.

Mouth in a smile, big beautiful eyes
You do snuggle the best out of everyone in the nursery. All it takes is putting your head down anywhere on someone and you're there until that person moves you. Your eyes are big and beautiful. I pray for your salvation Anna Banana. I pray that once you receive Christ you show compassion to every person you meet and in doing so show them Christ. Auntie loves you and will actually start holding you more as you seem to be growing up before my eyes!

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