Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting to Know You: Sarah

Sarah – you are such a tall girl, yet I didn’t know that until I took your hands and stood you up. I also didn’t realize that you are the oldest of the babies. You have been slower in your development than your brothers and sisters, but you are definitely on your way to catching up with them.

Crying from the lack of no one paying attention to her still in bed after morning nap.
You were the crier in the nursery when I first came in. Now you aren’t so much. You finally crawled this week and I couldn’t be happier about that. When you do cry now I think it’s because you want to crawl, but can’t change from your sitting position to crawling yet. Don’t you worry though – this auntie is persistent and will see you being able to crawl right along with your sisters Mercy and Ann.

Foam letters make for great teething toys!

I was just looking through my pictures since I got here and loved the fact that you have matured in your looks. You are definitely growing into your own little woman and I love it!

She's gotten so big...turning into a beautiful girl!

I pray for your salvation dear Sarah! I want you to know the love of the heavenly Father that far surpasses the love any human being can give you….even me. I want you to grow up knowing that even though your circumstances aren’t the greatest here on earth, this place is NOT your home. As a believer you will be a stranger/foreigner in this land…just like I’m a foreigner in your land. Love Jesus with all your heart. Use your determination to spread His gospel to all the lands! Auntie loves you!!!!!

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