Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 5 Recap

Wow – 5 weeks has passed. I could say that it flew by, but that would be a lie. I do feel though that I’ve been here forever. I’m getting really bad remembering what happens each week as they all are starting to mesh together. So, here’s my attempt at remembering what went on this week…..

On Sunday another volunteer and I visited a different church than what we’ve been going to and it was so refreshing! It was rather weird to see a lot of mzungus (“rich” white people) there! The pastor is from the states and has been established here in Jinja for several years.

Monday was a big day for the nursery. We had several babies started to crawl! I was hooting and hollering J They can only crawl while on their bellies for now, but I’ve been trying to work with them to make the big-kid transition from sitting to crawling. During this past week at least 4 of them are crawling and the rest are close behind.

Sarah is one of many that crawled for the first time this week!
Tuesday was actually a hard day in the nursery. By God’s grace alone I continued to show the love of God to all those in there and He brought me through. It was a rainy day and those can be hard here. The kids end up staying in their respective cottages all morning long. I would love to provide a sheltered area for them to play in, but don’t think there’s any room on the lot.

During the afternoon the sun came out and dried things up a bit. Went with some of the workers and took older kids to the dairy where they had strawberry ice cream. I haven’t had dairy in a very long time and decided to eat some. That was dumb….my nose closed up within the hour. The best part was seeing the kids on the walk back – you could definitely tell they don’t get sugar very often. They. Were. Insane. It was great J

Wednesday was a difficult day again but in other areas. God is on the throne and He will prevail…and He did! Got to go to a Bible study that night at the church we had attended. Love it when the Lord gives me exactly what I need even though I’m not searching for it.

Thursday was the first day in a while that I was able to play with the bigger kids outside for the afternoon. I am still learning names. Many of the kids look alike and I don’t get to be around them as often so I have been trying to figure out different characteristics that can differentiate them. I had so much fun running around with the kiddos. They are finally learning my name…when you’re not with them they tend to not know you even though they see you every day.

Friday was a fun day…when I wasn’t carsick. The volunteers and two of the staff members went to Kampala for the day. We visited a Friday market where things were dirt-cheap. Then went to lunch at New York Kitchen and I got a burrito without the tortilla and a few other things. I couldn’t believe I’ve never thought of doing that at Mexican restaurants! I actually finished it since I didn’t have the tortilla…probably wouldn’t have been able to finish since it was so big.

We shopped the rest of the afternoon…and got stuck in awful traffic. Lord knows I wouldn’t be able to handle living there. Taking a boda boda is definitely the way to go as they just weave in and out of traffic and fly by vehicles that are at a dead stop. Enjoyed some great times in the van on the way back getting to know those that are serving here a little better.

Saturday brought a day of projects and rest. We visited another ministry here in town called HEAL ministries –  “Hands Embracing All Lands.” You can visit their website to learn more about them. Amani has been in their current location almost a year now. HEAL moved in to where Amani used to be. Here is what their strategy is according to their website:

HEAL Ministries vision is that every abandoned woman and child finds his or her value, purpose and hope through the transforming love of Jesus Christ.
What’s true in America is true in Uganda and around the world. When we understand we have value, we have a DESIRE to move beyond where we are. When a person has ACCESS to resources to help them move beyond where they are – that’s when CHANGE happens.
Our strategy is to mentor abandoned women and children through our programs. Our desire is that they feel LOVED, find HOPE and know VALUE, moving them to wholeness.

The lady who runs this ministry, Tina Weir, has an amazing testimony. She is in the states as of today getting some tests done in regards to her health. Would you mind taking a minute to pray for her – strength, peace, and wisdom – as well as for the doctors? Thank you! We were there at the beginning of their Saturday children’s club. We didn’t stay for very long, but Tina said that by 4 pm almost 300 kids would be on their property hearing the gospel! How amazing is that?!

We ended the day at The Keep by having smoothles and milkshakes. What? I’m sorry, I meant to write smoothies….yet their menu says smoothles…yet the waitress said smoothies….so we call them smoothles. True story.

I know you want to leave a comment….just do so below. Until next week…or Saturday since we’re already into this week.
This is one of many poses Rosie does for me throughout the day!

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