Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 6 Recap

My feelings exactly....
Snotty noses, fevers, huge crocodile tears, snuggle time, wailing, lots of biting my fingers, pain in those said fingers...this has been a hard week in the nursery. We have at least 5 babies teething all at once. Screaming, crying babies no longer phase me. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I have found that certain babies don't get as much attention if they are just off to the side playing by themselves. Through this long week there have been many bright spots. Two of those bright spots were that Ann and Mercy both stood by themselves! Granted, it was for just a few seconds, but great rejoicing was had by this proud auntie!

Another bright spot is Jay-bird is sitting up by himself for a little bit!
 There has been an amazing feeling of camaraderie here in the volunteers' quarters. I am so thankful for the ladies that God has placed here with me. We've been studying through the book of James every night...and watching an episode of Downton Abby. Those times of Bible study have been refreshing and helping me recharge each night this week. The Lord knew I would need it specifically this week. He alone is my strength and He alone gives me mercy each and every day that is so undeserved on my part!

One of the mamas I work with had a birthday this week. She was able to have her birthday on her day I decided to celebrate the day before. I went into the nursery and didn't say anything to her all morning long. I took her a pack of Oreos after lunch and was hoping she would think that was all. Later another volunteer and I took down a birthday cake we found at one of the Supermarkets and I took her a bar of chocolate and gave her and the other mama each a soda (it just killed me to write that word!). She was very surprised and so appreciative. She said no one has ever done anything like that for her. It was a great moment to be apart of!

On Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to go with Sole Hope to Wakisi village for jigger removal. What are jiggers you ask? This description is from Sole Hope's website:

Female jiggers or sand fleas burrow into humans to lay their eggs creating open sores or wounds, which are prone to parasitic infection. People who do not wear closed toe shoes, such as children, are most commonly affected.
When the female is almost fully developed an infestation begins to irritate and itch, causing severe inflammation and ulceration. If the female flea dies in the skin it may cause a secondary infection, which, if ignored, could lead to tetanus, gangrene, and even the loss of a toe.
A pastor in this village was our hook-up and they have created a great rapport with the local leaders of the village. This was the start of a weekly visit to help remove jiggers and create awareness of how to create an environment where they cannot breed. I went in thinking that I would love to get into the action...then I saw exactly how they removed the jiggers and was more than thrilled to run around getting whatever they needed. Another volunteer went with me as well as many other white people who are here for either adoption or ministry opportunities. There is a huge need for jigger removal! Be sure to check out Sole Hope's website and find out more about what they do and possibly pray how you could help out. I really want to host a shoe cutting party!

They use razors and pins to remove the jiggers...
We got back earlier than we thought we would and were able to go on a boat ride! We started out in Lake Victoria and went to the Nile. Right where the two meet, there is an island that hosts a sign saying Source of the R. Nile as well as picnic tables and a building for buying souvenirs...which you could buy in town, but how cool would it be to say you bought it on the Nile? So what did I buy? Nothing.
I was at the back of the boat...not that big!
We went in a very small boat and each took a child. I took comfort in the fact that one of the girls didn't enjoy the boat I didn't. It was peaceful, but whenever the boat leaned one way, I immediately leaned in the other direction. I don't do too well in smaller boats....especially when I don't have control of them. We did learn some while we were in the boat. Did you know that only 15% of Lake Victoria goes into the Nile? 85% of the water in the Nile comes from the ground. We saw it in action while on the little island. Lake Victoria is still waters while the Nile flows along...up North.

We tried to see the sunset from a particular spot on Saturday night....but it didn't really happen the way we planned. We still saw a gorgeous sky with after colors...which I've learned is my favorite part of the sunset! It was a great way to finish off the week as well as eating Oreos with peanut butter on top...which I'm not suppose to have, but when in Africa...

Thank you for your prayers! They are greatly appreciated. Don't know if you have heard, but the bombing that happened in Kenya a few weeks ago is likely going to happen in Kampala, the capital city. That is about 2 hours from Jinja. We are aware of it and are taking the proper precautions for it, but would still covet your prayers that the threat is just that....a threat and nothing more. Al Queda is behind the attacks/threats. God is in complete control and there is no safer place to be than right where He wants me!

Sunset on the River Nile

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