Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week 4 Recap

I'm thankful for struggles that point us to Christ. They aren't easy to go through - as you all know. Yet, the cross is always there, always waiting for us to lay our burdens down at.

One of my babies crawled this week! Rosie is a roller, literally she rolls everywhere. I put her on her stomach and grabbed a toy. Once I got her eyes focused on it I, of course, banged it on the floor and commanded her to move and she did! Well, I did bang it on the floor, but really didn't think she would go after it. I got her to do it twice this week. Success people!!! Gotta work on a few more and encourage them to crawl too :)

We go through at least 350 diapers in ONE day!
We received two new babies this week. Mercy April came on Sunday and Amani Duncan came Friday. We now have 12 babies in the nursery. We're a little cramped for space, but each baby has a bed, clothes, a roof over their head, and food. What more could one want? Ok, I guess toys - but thankfully we have plenty of those too. Both babies have been well taken care of, thankfully. April is having a little harder time adjusting. She doesn't cry all the time like I thought a child in her situation might. Duncan seems to be a happy little man. He has a little cold, but is also in good health.

One of the volunteers brought a double stroller over with them. I took out 2 babies in that and one in a front of me in one of those carrying type thingies. (Can you tell I have never had kids?) If the weather cooperates more with me, I'll be taking the babies out 2 or 3 at a time to walk around the neighborhood in the morning. It's rainy season, though, so I'm not betting on it.

Freida and I had a little one on one time this week.

Today we celebrated Amani's 10th year anniversary. It was definitely a unique party, but the day went incredibly well. I prayed all week long for no rain and God answered with absolutely no clouds in the sky. Found out some stats today - in the last 10 years 300 babies came through here. One of the very first kids that was brought here and the newest baby (Amani mentioned earlier) were both here. There were many families that came who had either adopted or had been reunited. It was wonderful seeing them all come through.
Celebrating birthdays for the month of September

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